Study: Entrepreneurship Is Helping to Promote World Peace

October 6, 2016

1:30 pm

In recent years, startups have begun popping up all over the place. Whether it’s the success of GrubHub and Uber spurring them on or an educational paradigm that is promoting entrepreneurship, there seems to be more industry mavens paving the way for future generations than ever before. And while some people might think startups need to disperse, it turns out that being an entrepreneur is having a pretty amazing effect on the world as a whole.

According to a study from Steven R. Koltai, the startup and entrepreneurship culture that is impacting the global landscape in a way that is promoting world peace. The notion comes from the idea that unemployment is one of the leading causes, particularly in young people, to conflict. Economic stability and a general lack of laziness are huge contributors in creating a world that is calm, cool, and collected.

“Because entrepreneurship reliably generates jobs, and joblessness — especially among young people or failing states – is probably one of the most significant root causes of the unrest and extremism vexing American foreign policy and threatening American security today,” said Koltai in the Harvard Business Review. “My research into entrepreneurship’s role in job creation, my professional life as an entrepreneur and investor, and my experience as a one-time government official have led me to one conclusion: Entrepreneurship can solve big problems, but our government has not adequately leveraged this American-as-apple-pie tool in its foreign policy.”

If job creation is the key to world peace, why are entrepreneurs better at promoting it than larger companies? Surely they provide more jobs to more people in a shorter period of time, right? While that might be true, larger companies take a rigid, stressful approach to the job market, whereas startups and entrepreneurs embrace the light-hearted attitude that breeds fun and creativity. And in this day and age, creativity goes a lot further than productivity.

“No one was paying attention to the importance of play; amplifying existing enjoyment to make the world a better place,” said says Jessica Matthews, the cofounder of Uncharted Play, to Yahoo News.

No, entrepreneurs are not Miss Universe contestants. But that doesn’t mean they don’t hope to make the world a better place through their unique innovations. Whether it’s through job creation, inspired creativity, or just messing around every once in a while, the world needs more entrepreneurs for the sake of its future.

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