Erida Gen B is a Personal Drone that Helps Take Beautiful Aerial Shots

August 25, 2015

10:00 am

Drones serve a number of functions these days, and some people love them while others hate them. There’s an ongoing debate about how drones will impact our lives in the future, and how they can be used most safely and ethically. Drone technology and regulation can get complicated, but there’s little doubt that they will play an increasing role in our lives.

There are a number of companies that make drones for personal use. One of them is Atlas Erida, with their Erida Gen B full carbon drone, and they just launched an IndieGoGo campaign. They have set a goal of $85,000 for the production molds, app development, and to build the drones.

This drone has been developed specifically to help people take superior aerial photos. It claims to provide smooth, stable flight dynamics from the moment it takes off. It also manages the flight in a way that lets the user focus on getting great photos and videos. The Erida also has motion tracking so that it can follow your movement and keep you within the camera’s frame.

“Our employees have developed a system, which allows everyone to capture beautiful photos from the air. We’ve made it simple and completely self-contained so that everyone can use it without any special skills.” Said Founder and CEO Ivan Tolchinsky, in a statement.  “The system automatically selects the route and determines the surface and distance. Aim the camera at what you want to capture and make beautiful pictures, which will capture the special and spectacular moments of your life. You can just walk with the family, and ERIDA Gen. B will allow you to capture every moment easily so you can keep them and share them.  Our company worked very hard to make this reality a possibility, and we are very excited to have your help to see it come to life and be available to everyone.” 

The IndieGoGo is still in its first week, and they have a long ways to go to reach their goal. For only $799 you can get in on the super early bird Erida Gen B. It includes the full kit and a carbon bag for safe storage.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how it works:



And for you super nerds out there, here are the specs:

Erida Tech Specs


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