Evapolar Provides Personal Air Conditioning at Your Desk

July 7, 2016

2:00 pm

There is nothing worse than fighting over the thermostat at work. There’s always a constant struggle for power and justice when it comes to the ideal temperature of your office. And it’s not fair that you have to sweat at your desk just because Fred can’t figure out how to put on a jacket and Becky doesn’t get that sitting under an air vent makes you cold. Fortunately, there is a startup out there that is looking out for your people that want to take air conditioning into their own hands.

The guys behind Evapolar, the personal air conditioner that fits in your hand, have experienced these problems and wanted to come up with a solution that was not only simple but affordable. The small box can sit on your desk, your coffee table or even your nightstand and provides you with a constant stream of fresh, cool air.

The technology is as comprehensive as it is awesome. Essentially, the Evapolar is a fan that runs air over a specialized material. Combined with the water compartment on the side of it, which glows a beautiful bright blue, it makes cooling down easier and more affordable than ever. While the range of cool air is minimal, the personal air conditioning capabilities will make sure you never see a bead of sweat as long as you live.

However, the key to the value of this product is more than just the ability to provide personal air conditioning. This device has virtually no moving parts, takes almost no energy to run, and isn’t too hard on the eyes either. This makes for an incredibly green alternative to typical air conditioning units. And thanks to the revolutionary basalt material used to make it cool, there is no rotting or nasty smell that accompanies older models.

If you recognize the video below, it’s likely because you came across their wildly successful Indiegogo campaign that launched last year. And after raising nearly three times their goal, the two Russian founders have begun shipping items to previous backers and new customers alike. Devices and refill cartridges are available on their website for $180 and $25 respectively.

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