Event Planning Made Simple With SocialTables

June 5, 2011

10:32 am

It’s always nice to know a little bit about what to expect from the events you’re attending. SocialTables is a new event planning service that uses a heavy dose of social media so that attendees can connect with the event before actually going.

Knowing who will be at an event is sometimes crucial information that can either make or break a person’s decision to attend. SocialTables makes it easy to see whom you should network with and whom you should avoid so you don’t get caught in an awkward conversation. SocialTables uses a simple cloud-based seating solution with social integration so that people attending events can see the seating arrangements before actually going. This makes it easy either to avoid the event entirely or maybe just request a new seat so you’re not stuck sitting next to that guy who never seems to close his mouth!

SocialTables’ platform makes creating and planning a new event a breeze. Once logged in, you can create your event and add guests to your guest list. Then, you are able to seat your guests at whichever table you think would be best using their table seating template. Once finished with the seating arrangements, you are able to send your entire guest list an invite to your event.

Find SocialTables on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Create an account today and save yourself the hassle of planning your next event. Leave us a comment below and let us know how you like their service!

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Henry Sams is a Tech Cocktail intern, college student, and Washington, D.C. metro native who has a passion for new technology and marketing through social media. He has always been interested in new tech innovations, start-ups, and gadgets and would like to create a start-up of his own some day.

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