This is a list of our upcoming Tech Cocktail events around the country. Our different event types are shown under the event schedule. Interested in reaching our audience? Sponsor the entire tour or a selection of events. Our average event brings together 300+ attendees. If you are interested in our event history, check out our list of past eventsContact us for more details.

You will also find a list of upcoming Industry Events. These events have been submitted to us. You can submit your Industry Event here.

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Industry Events

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Event Types:

  • Mixer: Tech Cocktail’s bread and butter.  Events held in 30+ cities across the country.  We bring together your region’s 8-15 hottest startups, press, investors, entrepreneurs, job seekers, and hustlers, to join together for an evening of cocktails, networking, and informal startup showcasing.  Each Mixer also features a one minute pitch from each startup which will determine that city’s Hottest Showcasing Startup.

  • Social: A Mixer-lite, if you will.  We bring together your city’s startup community, without the startup showcases.  A great opportunity to meet your fellow techno-neighbors and friends.

  • Sessions: Our speaker series, bringing you the experiences of highly successful entrepreneurs so you can learn valuable lessons in an intimate setting. Each Sessions Speaker Series will conclude with a Q&A providing you the opportunity to get your pressing startup questions answered by the pros.

  • Celebrate: Our grand national startup competition and conference where we draw 500+ attendees for two days in Downtown Las Vegas. There will be a mix of startup founders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, investors, media, and local community leaders from across the country coming together to celebrate entrepreneurship.

  • Tech Cocktail Week: Our monthly four-day conference held in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s the intellect of TEDTalks with the creativity of Summit Series.  It’s the fun of SXSW with the intimacy of a small-scale retreat.  All this wrapped into a single package hosted in the burgeoning utopia that is Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project.

  • SXSW: Our biggest party of the year, held in the heart of the country’s most popular technology conference in Austin, Texas.