Everything Butt Art: Startup Makes Learning Art Fun For Kids With Butts

February 2, 2012

10:00 am

But why? 

Anyone with children has likely heard the above question more times than they can recount.  Sure, you can just answer, “Because I said so,” but as soon as you’re not there to say so, they won’t.  If you’re trying to get your kids interested in art, forcing them to attend a class and making them do their art homework might work as a short-term solution, but unless it’s fun, it won’t last.  So how can you make art fun for kids?  Easy – the same way you make anything fun for kids.

With butts.

Everything Butt Art has just released an iPad app  that makes creating art fun for kids.  By having each image start with the simple shape of a rear end, this interactive app walks kids through the steps to draw a variety of zoo animals.  There’s the butt snake, the butt elephant, the butt lion, and don’t forget about the butt ostrich.  By effectively hooking kids attention from the get-go, Everything Butt Art will more effectively appeal to your children’s right brain activity.

Brian Snyder, EBA’s Chief Butt Artist, explains the inspiration behind his most recent creation.

“When I was young I spent hours doing step-by-step drawing – start with a circle, add some triangles and several steps later a dragon emerged. Having a sense of humor then that I still have now, I thought it would be fun to make every drawing start with a butt.  I’ve drawn Butt Art for as long as I can remember. In elementary school I would share Butt Art doodles and giggles with friends. This graduated to a cocktail-napkin-party-trick with college buddies.”

But it wasn’t until Snyder sat down and shared this rare talent with his daughter that he knew he had a winner on his hands.  In seeing her enthusiasm for these derrière-based sketches, this led him to “decide then and there that I would make it my mission to share Butt Art with the world. Everything Butt Art was born and a wild adventure began.”

And as the say, the rest was history.  Err…art.  Butt art, that is.

If you’re interested in piquing your kid’s interest in art, check out the Everything Butt Art iPad app in the iTunes store.

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