Three Things to Know About the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

October 14, 2015

9:25 am

The first thing you need to know about the new iPhones that were officially presented on September 25th, is that if you do not have one by now, you might be in for a bit of a wait. This is especially true if you want a 6S Plus in the new Rose Gold color. Whenever Apple introduces a new color, you can be sure that will be the one that is in short supply.

So, if that was the one you had your heart set on, skip the rest of this article for later, go to Apple’s website and get yourself in the digital queue before it gets too long, as it did very quickly with last year’s gold iPhone 6 Plus. For now here are three things you should know about the latest iPhones.

Last Year’s Cases Still Fit

Most likely, people do not buy iPhone cases because they need them, but because they love them. However, if you find yourself on a tight budget, there are some great news coming, because any case that was purchased for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus will work just fine with the 6S or 6S Plus.

Still, cases are one of the most important accessories to protect the device, and perhaps upgrading to a more protective one is a good thing to do. Breaking screens is quite common, but it can be avoidable if you have an appropriate and protective iPhone 6S case, despite Apple upgrading the hardware of the devices – they are now using 7000 series aluminum, and even stronger cover glass.

Shoot Different

The camera is one of the marquee features of the 6S line. Every year, Apple adds a little something to maintain its lead in terms of smartphone cameras. This year, that feature is called Live Photos. Here is what John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed had to say:

“But you know what? Live Photos are great. I was fully prepared to dismiss them as an S-year gimmick. But they are actually quite compelling. Some are briefly humorous, others are totally worthless; but when you get a good one, it is really something else. If I were a new parent, I would upgrade to the 6s for Live Photos alone. It is a powerful feature, powerfully executed.”

The new iPhones capture a second and a half of video on either side of you pressing the shutter button. Rather than snapping and moving on, you will want to wait a second after framing your shot before shooting. Then hold it for a second or two after you shoot. It will not affect the still image. But when you activate the Live Photo, you will be glad you did.

Touch the Future

Apple says that the new 3D Touch feature is the biggest advance since Multitouch. Even if you do not end up with one of these new iPhones, competitors will appropriate this feature as soon as possible. One way or another, you will be using it, or something very much like it.

3D Touch allows you to press on an onscreen element to activate more functionality. Pressing on Mail brings up options such as jumping directly into your VIP list, something that otherwise would take multiple presses. Pressing the camera can jump you straight into Selfie mode.  People who have used it seem to be over the moon about it.

The ultimate thing you need to know is that if you are a tech enthusiast, even if you have the previous iPhone, it will be worth upgrading to the S-line. With all the new camera features, including 4K video recording, you are going to want the 64GB model, if not the 128GB.

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