Evodesk Launches Customizable ‘Deskshields’

May 5, 2016

9:50 am

Shopping for desks to match your home, office or personality can sometimes be a challenge. Plus, some of the desk offerings currently on the market are low-quality or standardized, which is why Evodesk launched Deskshields yesterday.

Deskshields are like a “second skin” and gives users the chance to customize their desks.

“We think that giving clients the ability to literally paint their own canvass allows everyone to express themselves in a home or office environment in a way that’s never been available,” says Dan Lee, the Director at NextDesk, the Austin, TX-based startup responsible for the Evodesk.

deskshield-sunflowerDeskshields can feature anything such as family photos, wildlife or nature, favorite athletes and geometric designs. Lee expects about 25 percent of customers to purchase an Evodesk with a Deskshield following today’s launch.

“Traditional desk surfaces have been limited to a narrow selection of low quality laminates on one end and super expensive woods on the other end,” says Lee. “The ability to recreate a rare wood from the rainforest or to custom design your own desk is the level of customization that today’s buyer is looking for.”

However, it’s not only customization that will make Evodesk one of the most unique desks on the market. In the coming year, it will also have “smart” capabilities.

“Imagine your desk sensing when you’re getting fatigued or your posture changes and making adjustments that improve your energy, concentration and performance,” says Lee of the adaptive technology.

For Lee, he believes that every aspiring entrepreneur should know that challenges are inevitable, but it’s your tenacity as an entrepreneur that will help you succeed.

“The economic challenges were even more difficult than the technical challenges.  It’s a labor intensive product,” said Lee. “Bringing costs down to where they are today took about 6 months of supplier negotiations.  Once they understood the immense opportunity, they started to come around.”


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