Evoz: A Baby Monitor for Today’s Connected Parents

March 3, 2015

7:00 am

We can all imagine what a connected home looks like, but some of us might have a harder time imagining what the innovative hardware embedded in such a home might be capable of. Except for Avishai Shoham, who built the Evoz Smart Parenting Monitor.

Sure, it’s a bit niche, but at the same time Evoz was built to be somewhat future-proof for connected homes. Parents who use it can do the obvious: see their baby in its room.

However, since it’s part of a connected home it can also forward a video feed to any device the parents are using anywhere in the world. So not only can parents watch their child, they can also capture precious moments with snapshots, control the nightlight function, and talk to their baby.

The user response was so powerful that Shoham saw the Evoz go 150 percent beyond its initial Indiegogo funding goal. I sat down with Shoham to find out why it’s so incredibly popular with the parents.

Tech Cocktail: Where did the idea for Evoz come from?

Avishai Shoham: About five years ago I started Evoz to give users impactful products in their home and not just on their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. There are products out there that have been the same for years. Now that connected homes are a thing, how do we make the customer have a better experience with it?

Parents, my wife and I included, are constantly searching online for resources about how to do a better job parenting, the next best product to help out, or how to make our babies happier. Evoz was built with this in mind to give parents connectivity, data, and a cloud platform to process everything.

Tech Cocktail: What have been some of the challenges?

Shoham: In five years you go through a lot. When we were starting up in 2011, IoT and connected services weren’t nearly the buzzwords that they are today. And raising money for our startup in Silicon Valley was difficult.

However, Dave McClure believed in our vision and invested three separate times in our concept. And while raising money was harder than we thought it would be, our tech challenges were equally tough.

If we tried to do the things we’re doing now, connecting this device into the fabric of a connected home, it wouldn’t have worked. The 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi solutions weren’t as good as they are now and would have slowed our progress considerably.

Tech Cocktail: What’s kept you positive during tough times?

Shoham: Think of it this way: if you buy an Evoz monitor today we’re going to constantly work on new services for you to use. And when your kids are big enough we’ll offer an update that can transform this technologically advanced piece of hardware into something entirely different, like a security device.

How we interact with consumers is more important to us than sparking in them that initial desire to buy our product. That’s what keeps us going.





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