Ex-Salesforce Cloud CEO Kendall Collins Joins Algolia’s Board

April 29, 2016

12:26 pm

Algolia, a company funded by experts in the fields of algorithms, search engines and text mining, has just announced the integration of Kendall Collins to its board. The former CEO of Salesforce Cloud and current CMO of AppDynamics will join the board to help guide the company in the path of success and bring the product to potential larger clients.

When it comes to searching the Web, there is virtually no competitor to Google. With the vast majority of the market share, this search engine completely dominates the market, which comes as no surprise, considering it really has the best performance and resources. Still, Google cannot do everything right. Searching within a website or an app is really something Google is not that good at or, at least, not as good as we are used to. And this is exactly were Algolia’s strengths lay.

With Algolia, developers and businesses finally have the tools to integrate an improved search experience on their own sites and apps, in a way they see fit. The investment raised by this startup so far, $21 million, clearly shows that the it is raising a lot of interest.

But that interest is not coming only from investors. Well-known companies and services, such as Medium, Twitter’s Periscope, and Microsoft’s calendar app Sunrise, are using Algolia’s tools to boost their own services, which is a manifestation of the validity they have in real applications.

When asked about his addition to the board, Collins said:

“Google continues to raise the bar for delightful search for end users, and most companies and apps are failing to keep pace with that user experience. When I first tried Algolia, it was clear to me that their Search Platform and API approach is the future for easily building incredibly fast and relevant search inside any application.

Algolia has already proven to be trusted by enterprises and loved by developers. Anyone can try it now on Product Hunt, Hacker News, or leading sites and apps such as Periscope, Arcteryx, Medium and Vevo. They have just successfully deployed at one of the top 5 software companies in the world and also at one of the top 5 retailers. And this is just the beginning. It is an honor to work with a team that has such a strong technical vision and an equally caring and compassionate culture.”

The addition of Collins to its board shows that Algolia’s strategy is one based on growth, so we should hear more about this company in the future.

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