These 20 Executives Get the Most Press in US

June 13, 2017

11:30 am

In the past, celebrities were athletes, actors, and musicians. But in the age of infinite innovation, successful entrepreneurs have become just as worthy of media coverage as Robert De Niro, Michael Jordan, or Chance the Rapper. Their breathtaking product launches, unique philosophies, and futuristic aspirations are media gold, and publications around the world would be remiss to let the term celebrity exclude these titans of industry.

As with entertainment celebrities, media attention has a notable effect on the success of entrepreneurs. After all, there’s no better marketing strategy than an avalanche of free press thanks to your cool and charismatic CEO. And, according to a recent study from Diligent, there are some executives that are bringing in more attention than others.

“Just as fan following plays a major role in celebrity success, CEO media coverage also plays a role in a company’s performance,” wrote the authors of the study.

By analyzing the number of search engine results containing their name, the study compiled a list of the most covered executives in the press. A number of notable entrepreneurs made the list, including Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson. But when it came to the top spot, no one was even close to dethroning the king.

Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company, had the highest number of search engine results, making him the most covered executive when it comes to the press. While this may surprise you, it’s important to remember that Fields has been the CEO of Ford for a long time, likely contributing to his numbers considerably. Plus, his willingness to talk to the media in interviews, resources pieces, and anything else he can think of also had an effect on his substantial lead.

If you want to see who else made the top 20 in media coverage, take a look at this list below and get your company the media attention it deserves today.

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Photo: Flickr / Valery Marchive

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