Some Expectations of Educators from iPad App Developers

June 22, 2014

4:30 pm

Learning curves of kid and teens are differing greatly from adults so iPad app developer who are developing educational apps for them should take care of many aspects during their development. In this post, I would like to initiate a thread of discussion among the educators and developers for iPad apps to bring some excellence on the table.

Today our society is debating over the usage of latest mobile technologies in the kids and teens. The main point of discussions are revolving around the bad impact of technologies because our most of the gadgets related research is limiting up to the TV like idiot boxes where chances of direct interactions with gadgets are a few, except in case of game. The addiction means time waste is prime concern in discussion.

However, open mind researchers have placed many positive ensues of these mobile gadgets for the growth and development of our new generations and among them iPad is ranking at top. Unlike smartphones, we can handover iPad to our kids and teens easily where direct calling and other privacy concerns are at zero level, except direct exposure to the Internet. Therefore, if we can devise some well-thought educational application on iPad involving pedagogy experts, we cut negative points at great extent.

IPad the Best Friend of Educators

Fundamentally, iPad has designed to mirror the world we already know. Therefore, it is intuitive at operation, mimetic, responding, reflecting, and interactive at touch experiences. These are the reasons that iPad is keeping kids and teens highly engage with it and concentrate enough to focus on our learning lessons actively.

Now, it is job of pedagogy experts and iPad app developers to seat on the same table to create highly useful and experience rich iPad applications for kids and teens as per their absorption levels. Recent research on pedagogy has shown that nursery or school administrations simply invest in the purchase of iPad with latest iOS, but not on the iPad application development that can do actual miracles.

Role of iPad Developers and Education Management

Our trouble is that we simply handover iPad tablets in the hands of teaching staff and expect they will go creative with it. In fact, simple operating skills like taking screen shots, playing educational video or taking exams on iPad are not enough activities at teaching point of view. iPad application developers need to formulate iPad educational apps that can trigger different sorts of neural-motor reactions in kids, which differ from the writing with pen and based on the touch experiences. They have to focus on the various character recognition techniques on shiny screens of iPad.

They have to make characters, pictures, and other content live through real-time animations, audio, and other tools in the education app for iPad. Simple form filling tests are out of date on this lively interactive device. Instead, you should think of puzzle games in creative ways. However, teaching only end users like kids or teens are not enough to hit our educational goals. Therefore, we have to plan-out training sessions for teachers as well as parents on regular basis and offer iteratively enhanced versions of iPad educational apps.

In due course, simple hire an iPad developer or iPad programmer once for iPad educational apps are not enough. You have to stick with that iPad app development team for longer and follow their instructions religiously if they are offshore team. Give them regular feedback and arrange video conferences at regular intervals involving your teaching staff and sometime parents too.

The Best Solution

If you can hire iPad developers in your locality that is great, but its cost may prove prohibitory for your mission. Therefore, engaging great offshore iPad development team is feasible alternative in present moments.


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