Experience the Cosmos Through Virtual Reality With SpaceVR

September 8, 2015

10:32 pm

If your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut were foiled by motion sickness or high school advanced calculus – rejoice, for you have a second chance at traveling to space: SpaceVR. SpaceVR’s goal is to be the first virtual reality platform to provide real 360-degree content from the International Space Station, and they just launched a Kickstarter campaign.

“Only a tiny fraction of humanity has experienced life outside Earth’s atmosphere–just 536 people out of the 12 billion who have ever lived,” says Ryan Holmes, co-founder and CEO of SpaceVR.

How many people have dreamt of getting launched in a rocket, of floating in a space station, or suiting up to walk on the surface of the moon? SpaceVR will bring you along for humanity’s greatest ride. Their $100,000 Kickstarter goal will fund sending cameras into space to bring back 16K footage 2 times a year.

For your donation, you can receive one of 10 rewards:

  • $10- sticker pack: a digital poster and SpaceVR sticker pack
  • $15- a download of 2-hrs of footage from the ISS and a cardboard phone holster
  • $30- the same download, but with the DoDo holster, a higher-end holster that fits the 6+
  • $50- the sweet deal–get all of SpaceVR’s future footage, forever! (comes with cardboard holster)
  • $100- SWAG: SpaceVR tee, DoDo case, print poster, signed team photo, AND the content for life.
  • $250- 2 Tickets to the SF Premiere and a mini-model of the Overview One cam, AND content for life.
  • $350- SWAG + 2 Tickets to SF Premiere
  • $750- Samsung GearVR Package- get the content with a shiny gold space-themerd GearVR
  • $1000- Your name in space, twice: get your name engraved on the Overview One and on a mission patch. Also includes the content, SWAG, and 2 tix.
  • $10,000- All the cool stuff from the GearVR pack with a parabolic flight–and with your new GearVR you can experience the ISS if you were really there, floating around!

SpaceVR content is meant to be cross-platform. They’re developing Android and iOS apps, and their downloads will be available to play on devices like the Rift and FOVE. The Kickstarter will run for 30 days from September 8- October 8, 2015. This is the only opportunity to get the ‘all future content’ package–a single download of a 2-hr view will run $9.99 and up to people who don’t participate.

So goggle up my friends, and join the rest of us carsick calculus-floppers in living the space dream!


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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