Want Growth? Learn to ‘Creativize’ Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 15, 2015

12:30 pm

Even the most successful companies can sometimes become stagnant and stop growing. Younger, fresher companies come in with a better way of doing things and suddenly the old masters in whatever area of business we’re talking about are no longer relevant.

Jeff DeGraff, professor, speaker, and author of Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams insists that continuous innovation is the key to sustained growth over time. He coined the term “Creativizing” and defines it as this:

“Creativizing is a made up word like Martinizing. It means the process of adding little bits of creativity to the most ordinary of tasks to make them extraordinary. This approach espouses that innovation is basically about getting everyone to do small things radically different to create momentum.”

DeGraff, who calls himself the “Dean of Innovation”, believes that businesses need to keep recreating themselves by building innovation into their business models. But innovation is risky; if it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it. It can also be a challenge for companies, especially those that already have detailed business models to fit innovation in somewhere.

In the infographic below, DeGraff spells out 4 steps for Creativizing your business:

  1. Set High-Quality Targets
  2. Enlist Deep and Diverse Domain Expertise
  3. Take Multiple Shots on Goal
  4. Learn from Experience and Experiments




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