ExpressPigeon Helps You Become an Expert Email Marketer

March 28, 2013

3:15 pm

After 15-plus years of software experience, Igor Polevoy came to the conclusion that email marketing services were inefficient and clunky. Not only that, but these services required HTML/CSS knowledge, effectively excluding a large portion of potential users.

In 2011, Polevoy founded ExpressPigeon, the ultimate in next-gen email marketing services. The idea is that “anyone can produce high-quality email campaigns, no technical expertise is required,” says Polevoy. Not everyone that needs to create email marketing campaigns has HTML/CSS experience. ExpressPigeon enables users to use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface to manipulate their templates in a variety of ways. ExpressPigeon guarantees that the look of your message will not be altered through different email providers and devices.

ExpressPigeon also offers solutions for contact management and webforms. These other aspects allow users to manage and grow every aspect of their campaigns under one service.

Users can upload and update contacts via spreadsheet or in-platform. Contacts can be arranged and organized to create segmented groupings. The ability to view the history of individual contacts or contact groups allows users to quickly improve list hygiene.

The webforms are able to be hosted on either ExpressPigeon’s site or on the user’s own site through a generated HTML code. The created webforms will automatically update specified contact lists, permitting users to set it and forget it (like the old food infomercial adage says).

If user-friendly, do-it-yourself services are not for you, ExpressPigeon offers fully managed professional solutions for your email marketing needs as well. You can contact ExpressPigeon for more information and request a demo of their professional services here.

The real hidden gem of ExpressPigeon is the on-site blog. Polevoy and other ExpressPigeon experts contribute content on the email marketing industry and ExpressPigeon updates, including email marketing best practices and useful tips for using ExpressPigeon’s service.

Prepackaged and custom pricing options are available and are determined by the number of subscribers.

ExpressPigeon is a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Chicago mixer on April 3 – join us!

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