Mark Zuckerberg Announces First Facebook Community Q&A

October 31, 2014

7:00 am

Mark Zuckerberg announced that he will have Facebook’s first community Q&A on November 6 at 2 PM PST. The hour-long event will be livestreamed, but how many questions will be answered is unknown. The fans have already taken to the Q&A Facebook page to submit thousands of questions, presumably for the purpose of being answered during the event. Again, the event is one hour long.

Great questions so far include addressing the diminished reach of Facebook pages, Facebook page algorithms, Facebook pages following rules and being penalized, giving Facebook page organic reach back, oh, and a few great questions about Facebook page reach. (I’m not bitter about page reach changes!) Other interesting questions being asked are regarding diminished use by teens, proposed uses for kids, privacy, Messenger, what Zuck does with his money, if Zuck wants to meet you/marry you/fund you/hire you/use a product.

I’m wondering whether the answers will be typed in, like on Anthony Bourdain’s Facebook Q&A, and if it’s really an enjoyable experience to have a hundred other users answer your question.


With all of the Q&A options available in our tech world, I also have to wonder if Facebook shouldn’t have utilized other apps, plugins, or tech.

Here are the top 5 other Q&A platforms that Facebook could have used:

1. Obviously, reddit. r/AMA and r/IAmA exist for the very purpose of community question-and-answer sessions. People have actually been asking for Zuckerberg to do an AMA on reddit for years.

2. Twitter Q&A. Often, users will announce on Twitter that they have the next 20 minutes available, so followers can ask any questions they’d like. This often gets messy, so it’s a good thing that Twitter seems to have created a curated platform which allows questions to easily follow answers.

3. OpenFloor. This scrappy startup out of Las Vegas wants to make question and answer sessions more easy to read, easy to promote, and time-limited so that when someone asks a question, it doesn’t hang out there forever – or until the host comes back and apologizes for forgetting they opened a session. Disclaimer: you’re not seeing double. I’m related to the founder and may have contributed to the idea of this product.

4. Pubble.  Pubble offers various options for Q&A, whether it be a live, moderated online event, an integrated product page for your site, or even a curated Twitter Q&A.

5. Answerbase. This is also a product that can be put on a business’s website to enable customers access to Q&A about the product. It even provides the option to enable community answers to questions, which, as mentioned above – will inevitably happen when using Facebook for a Q&A.


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