Facebook Introduces Reply by Email Feature

January 15, 2010

1:06 pm

Facebook Reply by Email

Facebook Reply by Email

With Facebook email notifications turned on for my Facebook account, today when I got notified of a comment on a post on Facebook there was an additional line that said:

“New Feature: Reply to this email to comment on this post.”

Check out this blog post by Facebook which further explains the new feature.

This new feature is convenient and helps you reply without logging into Facebook and replying, which saves you time in closing the communication loop. This could really increase Facebook engagement as users will continue engaging in conversations on Facebook from their email Inbox. Some might argue that it could cause users to not visit and interact with Facebook directly thus cutting into some traffic numbers. Time will tell if this new communication loop helps or hurts Facebook traffic. I would think the continued real-time comments will fuel additional users to jump into a conversations that they might otherwise never have gotten involved in, like throwing another log on the fire. One world of caution remove your email signature before sending your reply, otherwise that will get posted too and everyone will know your phone number, email address and your websites. Could be annoying. 😉

This is a good move from Facebook and it is not uncommon in Web 2.0 applications as email is still one of the most popular and powerful applications.

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