See Facebook Updates from Just the People and Pages You Care About Most

July 10, 2015

12:30 pm

After years of having to deal with random updates, pictures, and articles shares from your friends and loose acquaintances on Facebook, the company has finally introduced a new feature to its News Feed called “See First” that gives Facebook users better control on which friends or pages you’ll see at the top of your News Feed.

While I’m genuinely happy for the success and achievements of my friends, sometimes seeing engagement photos or pictures of a new baby right at the top of my Facebook News Feed can put me a bad mood. I mean, WE GET IT, you’ve got your life together and aren’t living with four French roommates or failing at yoga. With Facebook See First, users can now select which friends and Facebook Pages they’d like to see at the top of their News Feed. Hence, you have better control on where those engagement and baby pictures show up on your News Feed.



It took Facebook a few years to implement their Follow/Unfollow function we now have today, and today’s launch of Facebook See First is another move towards improving the social network’s user experience. Last fall, the company introduced a feature that gave users better functionality over who and what they see – as well as more efficient ways to follow and unfollow people and Pages – but See First is the first real move towards ideal News Feed curation (as in, one where the things and people we’re most interested about rise to the top). Sure, Facebook’s algorithms already try to show us what it thinks we’d like to see more of, but there have been obvious gaps that can now be filled by Facebook See First; instead of relying merely on that algorithm, users now have a non-algorithm option to actively change the way their News Feed looks.

To read more about Facebook See First, read the announcement from Facebook.


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