Facto: Share Little Known Facts About Yourself

January 3, 2011

9:12 pm

Last week Threewords.me, which enabled anyone to define a person or thing in three words, went viral. Today, I came across a new site called Facto. It’s a similar form factor but rather than people sharing words about you, the site enables you to share little known facts about yourself.  They define Facto as “a fun way to share little known facts about yourself”. It’s all about you, so share your facts and then see what happens.

Upon signing in, you share a simple fact about yourself. Other community members can then randomly flip through all the facts on Facto. I like this feature as it reminds us of StumbleUpon for facts about people. Users can then interact with the various responses. For example, if you think a fact you come across is awesome you can click the “Awesome” button – the fact giver is then notified and it counts towards their tally. You can also share facts on Facebook or Twitter.

Facto Screenshot

Facto Screen-shot

Facto was created by the talented New York based developer Kyle Bragger. Kyle is also the founder of Forrst, the community for developers and designers that we covered previously. Forrst also demoed as a showcased startup at our New York event in November.

Give it a try and start sharing some facts about yourself today. So the question is, will Facto take off just like Threewords.me? And will either one have staying power?

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