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May 3, 2016

3:00 pm

With the integration of technology into every day life, it feels like the world keeps getting smaller and smaller. All your friends are connected through Facebook, all your content needs are managed through WordPress and all your groceries are brought to you through PeaPod. But how are companies supposed to consolidate all that information into one place to bring you the products you actually want? finally has the solution in the form of an integrated customer experience platform. is a Copenhagen-based high growth company that is looking to change the way businesses interact with their costumers. The brand new technology, dubbed Audience, allows marketers and social media teams to build individualized profiles for a smooth customer experience. This means companies will be able to get the information they need about every prospect in real time. Past purchases, posting patterns and more will all be available in the click of a button. Brands will be able to respond faster than ever to the growing needs of customers around the world.

We talked with CEO and founder of Ulrik Bo Larsen about the future of his company, the practical uses of this technology, and what people are saying about this innovation in customer experience.

What does the future of social media look like in the eyes of

Larsen: The key trend that businesses need to be aware of is that consumers’ journey to purchase and engagement with brands is no longer linear. There’s an increasingly fragmented sea of touchpoints now separating consumers and brands. The existence of so many channels means it’s an ongoing struggle for marketers to meet their audiences with the right message at the right moment in the customer journey.

As the research, transaction, and post sales customer service can all happen on social, the market leaders in our industry will be the ones making sense of the entire customer journey for brands. Tapping into social data, and using it effectively to provide context to every interaction, will be crucial.

Will brands interact differently with customers in the future on social platforms?

Larsen: We’ve already seen major shifts in the ways brands interact with customers over the past five years. In the past brands would broadcast blanket messages to their entire fan base, whereas now customers are even using social media as customer service channels. Just think of Facebook’s recent announcements around Messenger Bots – brands need to be ready to communicate where and how customers prefer to engage.

Customers also expect the content they receive to be highly targeted to their interests and as such brands need to consider offering personalized and more targeted messaging. We’d recommend tapping into social data for this, and using a tool like Falcon to keep everything connected within one tool.

Can you tell me how the idea for Audience came about?

Larsen: Falcon has only been around for five years, but the core reason behind its founding has proliferated many times over. There’s an increasingly fragmented sea of touchpoints now separating consumers and brands.

The existence of so many channels means it’s an ongoing struggle for marketers to meet their audiences with the right message at the right moment in the customer journey. Solving that, and restoring some sanity and clarity to marketing, is what steered Falcon to where we are now and what gave birth to the concept of Audience.

We received series B funding in 2015 to deliver this exact product offer, and now, thanks to our dedicated teams at Falcon, this theory is reality.

Why is it important that brands know who they are interacting with?

Larsen: The value of knowing your customers has never been in question. We’ve seen industries built around focus groups, surveys, exit polls on websites, large scale reports all aimed at allowing brands to better understand their customers. We’ve just made this possible on both the macro and personal level.

For example, a marketing department could use Audience records to define a campaign segment comprising thousands of profiles. These could be based on anything from location and purchase history, to hashtags and favorite series. Meanwhile in the same company, a social media manager or support advisor could quickly pull up a single profile card from the same data store for a one-to-one chat with a disgruntled customer. At Falcon we offer customer insights at your fingertips, in real-time.

How does cross channel data help with the customer experience?

Larsen: As the customer journey is no longer linear, it’s important that brands pull in data from all available sources in order to build a clear picture of their customers’ journey. Ideally social data is used with available CRM data – that is what we’ve built with Audience, and so far the clients that have tested it are excited about the opportunities it allows them to connect more effectively with their customers across multiple channels.

Anything else you can tell us about Audience or customer experience?

Larsen: Prior to launch, we invited some of our clients to try Audience as part of our beta program. We’ve compiled some of their feedback below.

“As a global offline retail brand, our biggest challenge is understanding who our target customers are, and what their purchase journey is – across all markets,” said Klaus Vemmer, head of global marketing at Tiger. “We’re keen to build digital relationships with our customers to gain this visibility, and Falcon will allow us to do this easily, We already have 100k profiles mapped out in the tool.”

“At Carlsberg, our biggest challenge in marketing is collecting actionable insights from consumer data. With the new features in Falcon’s platform, we’ll be able to learn things about our audience that can inform our creative development and media buying,” said Daria Rasmussen, director of global integrated communications at Carlsberg.


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