How To Fall Back In Love With Your Company

February 22, 2014

10:00 am

While February is the most romantic month, you might be shocked to discover many of your employees have lost the love. No flowers or chocolates will fix your problems if your workforce has lost their career passion.

A recent Gallup survey found that 70 percent of employees are no longer engaged in the office. Engaged employees are at least 22 percent more productive, meaning your employees who have lost the love are also losing the productivity bug.

Worse still, if your people have fallen out of love, the odds are high that soon they’ll be walking out the door. A recent study showed most employees are actually dreaming of the greener grass in other pastures. A shocking 77 percent of all currently employed workers are either actively looking for new jobs or open to new career opportunities.

So, how can you and your employees fall back in love with your company? You don’t need to hold a boom box playing Peter Gabriel over your head like John Cusack in “Say Anything” in order to repair things with your company.

Here are some tips on how to fix your relationship with your company before losing your best talent:

Find Compatible Employees

In the dating world, it’s all about compatibility. Think of all those ads you see for online dating sites matching users along multiple compatibility factors, ensuring the love you find won’t flicker out when you have your first fight.

This is also true when it comes to finding talent for your company. The best people for your organization might not have the most impressive resumes, just like your soul mate might not look exactly like Brad Pitt. The key is sincere career passion and a compatibility with the overall company culture.

Finding compatible employees who will want to stick around for the long haul isn’t easy. This is why it’s important to connect personally and focus on the best people. After all, you wouldn’t get married before even going on a first date. Yet many companies are moving candidates along after a phone screen, only to discover they’re all wrong when it comes time for the in-person interview.

Utilizing one-way video interviews, you can cut out the lengthy and inefficient phone screen and instead connect only with those likely to fall in love with your company. So, it should come as no surprise six out of 10 employers are already using video interviewing in the hiring process. Great career love affairs start from a strong foundation, so you need to ensure you’re hiring employees who will be company culture soul mates.

Communicate With Workers Who Have Lost The Love

Just like in any good relationship, communication is key if you want to keep the love alive. You probably wouldn’t stay with a partner who was constantly talking down to you or not even listening to your input. Employees are the same way. They want honest communication, to be in the loop, and to understand how their efforts contribute to overall company success.

Here’s another big reason why you should start opening up to your employees: bad communication can be costly. The total estimated cost of employee misunderstandings is a whopping $37 billion. A Towers Watson study found companies with highly effective communicators fattened their wallets to the tune of 47 percent higher returns. Communication not only helps keep your relationship with employees healthy, it keeps your bottom line healthy as well.

So, how do you improve communication with employees who might be losing the love? First, it’s important to make communication a two-way street. Employees want to know what’s happening within the company, but they also want their voices heard. Schedule weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings in which employees can talk back about the company.

Distribute employee surveys where workers can give input about the way the organization is run. Start an open door policy, either in person or using software, making it easy for employees to contribute great ideas. You never know who will contribute the next big innovation to your company, and improving communication is the best way to show employees how much your company cares.

Give The Gift of Company Culture Perks

Good relationships are fun, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to bring this sense of enjoyment with you to work. On dates, couples usually plan fun activities, whether it’s attending a movie, a concert, or sparring at mini-golf. In the office, your employees can often start to feel like office drones sitting in their cubicle and waiting for the clock to strike five.

Company culture perks are a good, easy way to get employees excited about showing up in the morning. These perks can range from something as simple as free lunch to something as revolutionary as unlimited vacation policies.

Here are just a few other fun company culture perks you might want to try:

  • Bring your pet to work. Studies have shown our four-legged friends can help reduce stress.

  • 20 percent time. Google became famous for allowing workers to dream up new ideas for 20 percent of their time on the job. It’s a good way to find your next new innovation.

  • Flexible options. A recent survey found 45 percent of workers would be willing to give up some salary if it meant more flexibility. This is definitely an in-demand perk.

  • Exercising. There’s nothing like a little endorphins to get back on track when you’re mentally blocked. Start an office yoga class or install some exercise equipment, so workers can avoid becoming desk potatoes.

Falling back in love with a company isn’t impossible if your organization takes some steps to reinvigorate career passion!

What are some ways you can gets your workers to fall back in love with your company? Share in the comments!

Guest author Josh Tolan is the CEO of Spark Hire, a video powered hiring network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews. Connect with him and Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter.

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