Fandom Daily Changes Fantasy Sports for the Better

April 12, 2016

1:22 pm

Fantasy leagues have been a staple of the sports fan experience for years for its competitive nature and overwhelming simplicity. Since it’s inception in the 1950s, the game hasn’t changed much at all, arming its participants with individual players and an army of statistics. But one startup is looking to change the basic formula of fantasy sports and take on the giants of the industry with one great idea: team-based fantasy leagues.

For more than half a century, individual players have been the focus of fantasy sports. People draft particular players from a particular league and name their team something offensive like “The Albert Buttholes.” But with Fandom Daily, you get to pick teams rather than players. That’s right, you finally have the chance to be a fan of your favorite team again!

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The competition is simple. The leagues available in the Fandom Daily catalog include NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA football and NASCAR. Join a daily or weekly event, and pick your favorite teams from each league. You score points based on the score of each game. That means that wins and losses have no effect on the outcome. If your selected teams score the most points, you go home with a big smile and a full wallet.

While still in prototype, Fandom Daily is also beta testing the Fandom Cup, which takes the yearly approach of most leagues. As their first project in fantasy sports, Fandom Cup experienced popularity that made a daily league a necessity.  But while Fandom Cup focused on the camaraderie and sportsmanship of fantasy sports, Fandom Daily aims to bring out the competitive side of all fantasy players.

Fandom Cup is a long-jog with friends and family with short periods of sprints. Fandom Daily is an all-out 400m sprint,” said Rob Meinert, cofounder and CEO of 5s Capital Venture, the parent company behind Fandom Daily and Fandom Cup.

Meinert knows that team-based fantasy sports are the future of the competition. However, the daily fantasy sports industry has been dominated by two giants, DraftKings and FanDuel. And with those giants being the topic of discussion when it comes to gambling regulation disputes, is it prudent for Fandom Daily to throw its name in the ring? Absolutely! Meinert and cofounder Craig Wehler have been part of discussions to establish favorable legislation in Michigan and Missouri, where the company is based. The two founders hope to be a big part of the these talks in order to make Fandom Daily a possibility in the long-run.

The idea for team-based fantasy sports came from Meinert’s family. With several siblings and no favorite teams in common, a competition was created to effectively find out who had the best teams. As a Chicago-raised sports fan that doesn’t like the Bears, I understand this familial necessity to be better than my siblings. Fandom Daily hopes to bring fans back to the familial roots of the games they love. And let’s be honest, if you want to follow a single player through a game, watch golf.

Correction: A previous version of this article noted that the Fandom Cup is in full operation; the Fandom Cup is currently going through a beta phase.

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