Faraday Future’s FFZero01 Concept Car Purely for Wow Factor

January 6, 2016

12:30 pm

Last night at Faraday Future’s CES keynote, they unveiled the FFZero01, a hyperfast electric car that likely will never go into production. However, the car itself is only designed to highlight the growing company’s capabilities, including their Variable Platform Architecture. Regardless of the FFZero01’s similarities to the batmobile from the 80s, they both share the same initial wow factor. Perhaps less so on the design, and more so around the technology it houses.

The FFZero01 concept, if actually built on Faraday Future’s Variable Platform Architecture, would have a top speed of more than 200 mph and go from zero to 60 in less than three seconds. Attached to each wheel is a quad core motor, resulting in more than 1000 horsepower.

As far as tech, the concept features a thin dashboard with instrument panel, and – as a kicker – space within the center of the steering wheel to dock your smartphone. During the presentation Faraday Future’s Head of Global Design, Richard Kim, placed specific emphasis on these two components, alluding to their implementation to the road ready models of their vehicles.

At this time the company has not released further details regarding when the FFZero01 could see production, how far it could travel, relevant price points, or how many would be produced. They did suggest the concept would see a limited production run.

Variable Platform Architecture

Even if the concept car ends up being vaporware, the components, features, and platform will act as their future vehicle’s foundation. Throughout Kim’s presentation he highlighted several areas of their design, from the steering wheel phone dock and instrument panel to the Variable Platform Architecture (VPA).

The VPA is an adjustable, modular system that allows Faraday Future to improve their production process. From battery capacity to adding up to four motors, their platform is easily adjusted to the current production line they are releasing. In their initial concept detailing how the platform works, they show various wire-frame models ranging from mini vans to hatchbacks, and of course speed demons like the FFZero01.

Faraday Future is backed by Jia Yueting, Founder of LeTV. They have signed a $1 billion deal to build their initial factory in North Las Vegas, with plans to break ground in the next few weeks.

In an interview with Jalopnik, Kim stated the company has a more realistic functioning concept, just not yet on display, “It’s already through the feasibility shakedowns and test-driving out on roads,” said Kim.

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