The 10 Fastest-Growing Startups of 2014

March 31, 2015

2:00 pm

Uber and Lyft are duking it out in more ways than one: the two ride-sharing startups topped Mattermark’s list of fastest-growing startups in 2014, with Uber coming out on top.

The Mattermark 2014 Startup Traction Report, released last December, includes a wealth of data on the fastest-growing startups, regions, and industries (get it for $99). They used data from public sources like Crunchbase, AngelList, NASDAQ, the SEC, and the White House Office of Management & Budget, as well as private relationships they have with investors and entrepreneurs. Everything was measured for the 2014 fiscal year, which covers October 2013-September 2014.

The top 10 fastest-growing startups are ranked based on their Mattermark Score, which takes into account:

  • Monthly unique website visitors
  • Weekly mobile downloads
  • Social media metrics
  • Number of employees
  • Equity funding

Another logical metric to include would be profit or revenue, but those numbers are obviously harder to come by.

Here is the list, along with Mattermark’s comments on each startup and the size of their latest funding round:

1. Uber

Description: Ridesharing service

Mattermark’s analysis: “Uber…is worth more than several Fortune 500 brands. After launching in 44 foreign countries, Uber is growing faster in Europe and Asia than in the US.”

Latest funding round: $1 billion in February 2015

2. Lyft

Description: Ridesharing service

Mattermark’s analysis:Lyft…has higher customer growth rates than Uber when adjusted for size.”

Latest funding round: $530 million in March 2015

3. Airbnb

Description: Peer-to-peer apartment rentals

Mattermark’s analysis: “Airbnb…has seen its listings pass 550,000 in 192 countries.”

Latest funding round: $475 million in August 2014

4. General Assembly

Description: Tech education school

Mattermark’s analysis: “General Assembly has grown as demand for hackers increases.”

Latest funding round: $35 million in March 2014


Description: Media company focusing on arts, culture, and news

Mattermark’s analysis: According to a report from Digiday, Vice has more than 20,000 unique visitors, over half of whom are Millennials.”

Latest funding round: $250 million in September 2014

6. Dropbox

Description: Cloud file storage and sharing

Latest funding round: $500 million in April 2014

7. BuzzFeed

Description: Media company focusing on funny and inspiring listicles

Mattermark’s analysis: “According to the American Journalism Review, their monthly unique website visitors exceed 70 million.”

Latest funding round: $50 million in August 2014

8. Elite Daily

Description: Media company for Generation Y

Mattermark’s analysis: Elite Daily has grown by targeting Millennials and leveraging proprietary technology to track and analyze web trends.”

Latest funding round: $1.5 million in June 2014

9. Teespring

Description: A marketplace for custom t-shirts

Latest funding round: $35 million in November 2014

10. JIBO

Description: Social robots for families

Mattermark’s analysis: JIBO earned more than $2.2 million by selling over 4,800 social robots through its Indiegogo campaign.”

Latest funding round: $28.4 million in January 2015

Image credit: Insurance Journal

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