Bitcoin Competitor Feathercoin Launches Online Marketplace

June 11, 2013

10:00 am

Yesterday, Bitcoin competitor Feathercoin announced that it launched its eBay-like online marketplace.

Through this marketplace, buyers can purchase items or services with their Feathercoin digital currency. This is a prime example of how the dedicated community of Feathercoin users is working to position this digital currency for mainstream adoption.

“The focus is on merchant adoption. Rather than just asking merchants to use Feathercoin, we are working to provide them with the tools to make this happen,” explains Peter Bushnell, lead programming developer. “If we do most of the hard work, merchants will be able to easily integrate Feathercoin into their existing payment solutions.”

To that end, the Feathercoin community is planning to polish some important tools like Feathercoin shopping carts, an API for Feathercoin integration, online tools for generating QR codes, and a Feathercoin merchandise shop to showcase the aforementioned.

The team plans to bundle all the merchant tools together on the official site once they are completed, and the hope is that the system will eventually morph into a solution with online wallets and built-in escrow.

The future of Feathercoin is still unwritten, but there is an entire community of individuals who are working to ensure that it becomes the digital currency for day-to-day transactions. This is an interesting step in the right direction, and we will all be eagerly awaiting the next move. Until then, FTC FTW!


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