Feedly Launches iPad and Android Apps

May 4, 2011

11:48 am

Feedly, a customizable reader that aggregates content from your favorite feeds, blogs, websites, released iPad and Android apps yesterday, joining an app for the iPhone and browser versions for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and iOS, all of which you can download from their website.

With a glut of feed readers out there (it feels like that anyway), I was curious as to what makes feedly different from other feed readers?

First of all, the layout is really attractive, in a glossy-magazine way, complete with pictures, captions, and lists.  It’s also interactive and allows you to easily recommend, share, and save content.

The emphasis at feedly is on customization, which is also great, though it might mean that setting up your account could take a little while, depending on how many websites and blogs you are addicted to.  The latest and greatest news is delivered on the What’s New page, where you can arrange your sources based on how you want to view them. So you can see the title only for news or choose the magazine layout for rich content.  You can view pictures and video in a grid, or receive comics inlined. 

The de rigeuer social media/sharing feature doesn’t just allow you to share content with people you know, but you can also connect with other users who have recommended the same content.  As you discover new sources of information, the feedly mini toolbar lets you continuously add sources and, with their recommendation tool, discover new sources.

Sounds pretty cool to me. What do you think?  Leave a comment below after you’ve tried it out.

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