Three Female Founders of Wellness Companies at TCWEEK

September 14, 2014

8:00 pm

Tech Cocktail Week (TCWEEK) brings together notable authors, founders, and thought leaders for inspiring Sessions almost every month in Downtown Las Vegas. Startup guy and Dancefloor DJ Gavid Gallant referred to his guest participation at TCWEEK as a “summer camp for adults” made up of startup founders, tech entrepreneurs, and non-tech folks alike. Let’s look back at some notable Sessions that featured female founders who are making great strides in the wellness vertical.

Amy Li on Leveraging Technology to Share the Health Benefits of Dancing

Dance4Healing founder Amy Li shared the staggering statistics on the number of physical and psychological symptom sufferers in America, and how they are due directly to stress. She told the TC Week audience about her bout with cancer and how she turned to dance to battle the physical and mental stresses of this disease. Li delivered an “ask” to the audience in addition to delivering her inspiring story. She asked for help with research and hiring of data scientists to further studies that demonstrate how even imagining body movements can allow us to achieve physical response.

Monisha Perkash: Fail Early, Fail Often, But Always Fail Forward

Monisha Perkash, founder of Lumo BodyTech, discussed the valuable insights the company has gained from failure. “We embrace those failures,” she said, “as an opportunity to really try to learn, and improve, and continue to iterate.” The multiple attempts to iterate Lumo’s wellness products were enough to defeat those who do not possess a true entrepreneurial spirit, but the audience was inspired by the drive to meet the needs of consumers and find ways to encourage use of health monitoring devices.

The First VC Fund Focused on Women’s Health Has Launched

Dr. Jessica Grossman joined TCWEEK to share the news of Exxclaim Capital, a fund intended to invest in companies focused on areas like pediatrics, health and wellness, and digital health. Dr. Grossman serves as board member or adviser to several companies and has founded or lead important medical device companies and startups. Naïveté and the “disbelief that everything they’re doing isn’t completely logical” are some common traits that entrepreneurs possess, says Grossman, and these traits allowed her to persistently seek funding for the device she wished to develop, a minimally invasive device that would treat fibroid tumors.


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