Finance Management on the Go

September 24, 2015

9:00 pm

Managing your finances can be boring, troublesome and stressful. Therefore, a lot of people handle their money-related issues via the Internet and over their home computers. While this is efficient, what happens when you are away from the computer, need more money in the middle of a shopping spree or want to check last year’s stock market fluctuations right now?

This is where finance management and payment apps come in handy. They are stored in your smartphone and ready to make your life much easier.


Even though it is available only to iOS users, this app is irreplaceable for tracking your expenses and staying on a certain budget. Its most interesting features are subcategories and tags similar to those of a Gmail account. You can label your expenses and sort them into groups – bills, work-related, transport, taxi, personal, etc. – and view them more easily.


Everyone has too many items on their daily itinerary which is why nobody has free time to handle bills. When are they due, you want to know how much they are, and if they used to be higher last month or this time last year. In order for you to stop worrying about these issues, Finovera does it for you. This free app is compatible with Android and iOS systems and collects your bills at one place, handles their dates and alerts you when they are due. Finally, it gives you reports and files the bills in categories.


Traveling can be quite stressful, especially for frequent business travelers. Even if you’re simply planning a short vacation, you need to ensure all your receipts, booking confirmations, and other important documents are organized properly. With Trippeo, an expense management software, you can really take the load off your shoulders. Trippeo is connected to your bank account and automates three critical processes: receipt tracking, systemization, and reporting. Thanks to this, you can dedicate your time on a business trip to actually doing business instead of worrying where all your money has gone. Trippeo has recently introduced a new feature called ReceiptKeep, which allows you to forward all your receipts from your mailbox to Trippeo account and save it there. All this simplifies travel organizations and helps you keep track of your expenses efficiently.


When looking at the big picture, you need an app that will notice your payment, track your income, and inform you whenever something important occurs. With one of the most used apps for iOS and Android, Mint, you will get all of the above. Naturally, most people would wonder why they should use other options if this one is so comprehensive, but the answer is simple – this app does cover a number of financial matters, but it is better for you to have separate ones for separate actions instead of relying solely on this one. Use it as a general app, but do not stick just to it.

Apple Pay and Google Wallet

The philosophy behind these apps is almost the same – they turn your iOS/Android into a payment solution for in-store and online shopping. Mindful that more and more people are using smartphones instead of credit cards, these two apps employ NFC technology to make payment much easier. They also allow you to send money to other people, report your expenses and are in sync with your bank account and your mailbox.

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