Find the Best Wineries with CorkSharing

October 23, 2015

11:00 am

Drinking wine is, for some people, some sort of art form. It is not simply drinking alcohol, like one would do with beer or some other drinks, as it has a certain cult attached to it. To take advantage of that, many people with experience in the wine field decided to open wineries – places where wine is made and visitors get to taste it, with an experience they could not get elsewhere.

There are now many wineries spread throughout the world, so how can you know where they are located once you visit a certain location? In order to provide an handy tool that solves this problem and helps every wine aficionado, a new service has recently entered the market: let’s meet CorkSharing.

CorkSharing is actually very similar to OpenTable, for those who are familiar with it, but obviously working with wine tasting. Comprising a network of over 700 wineries from more than 21 countries around the world, making it the first global marketplace to find and book wine tasting reservations.

With CorkSharing, users can easily search wineries and wine tastings all over the world. After deciding on the time and location of their convenience, they reserve and pay the tasting experience. After the host approves the reservation, everything is set for the users to get a great wine experience.

But this service is useful for wineries, as well. With CorkSharing, they can increase the amount of reservations using the tools the service provides, such as listings with photos, description, tasting room hours, and pricing. These listings are also useful to build web presence, like high-ranking placement in Google Searches. Customers will also be able to book and pay for wine tasting reservations directly with the wineries. CorkSharing also has a very strong mobile component, with apps available for iOS and Android.

If you are a wine aficionado or are curious to discover what the wine world has to offer, be sure to give this service a go.

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