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May 1, 2013

11:00 am

Dog owners and their loyal companions share similar characteristics. They are approachable, affectionate, passionate, fun-loving, social, energetic, and silly. Dog owners take on the personalities of their dogs…or is it dogs who take on the personalities of their owners?

Jonathan Kolker, cofounder and CEO of Where My Dogs At, believed that dog owners and their four-legged friends needed a mobile application that matched their extrovert personalities to find dog-friendly places and people in their area.

Kolker teamed up with Gareth Wilson, an experienced creative digital strategist, and Richard Lung, a location-based mobile app developer, to launch that application. With Where My Dogs At, users can easily search for and rate local dog parks, veterinarians, dog-friendly restaurants and hotels, pet stores, and events. Users can “mark their territory” in the app, to check-in and let their friends know which places and businesses earn their paw of approval.

Kolker and team believe that the key to their application’s success is twofold. While Where My Dogs At is built around the effective and powerful location-based search and rating of dog-approved places and business, the app also fluently compliments the search with social components that bring to life the spirit of dog owners. Users can connect with other dog owners through engaging profiles and share pictures along with insight. This allows users to not only share that they went to the new local dog park, but also share pictures of the fun they had.

Where My Dogs At doesn’t want the canine love to stop with personal users. Pet stores, vets, and dog-friendly businesses can create profiles themselves. This allows small business owners who service dog owners to build and strengthen customer relationships. Where My Dogs At offers these businesses the option to create geo-targeted ads and sponsored searches to increase their visibility. Kolker believes that Where My Dogs At can increase customer satisfaction for dog owners through business profiles.

Where My Dogs At is expanding. The beta version of the application will be updated to version one in August or September this year. Where My Dogs At recently released international data for their users to search, allowing them to find the best dog-friendly places even when they are abroad.

Passionate, affectionate,  fun-loving, and social. Words that describe dog owners, their dogs, and, now thanks to Where My Dogs At, their mobile application.

Where My Dogs At was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Los Angeles mixer.

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