Find New Music You'll Love with Pocket Popstar

July 22, 2011

4:46 pm

The team at We Are Hunted has partnered with JosephMark and The Echo Nest to bring iPhone and iPad users a brand new music selection app. Pocket Popstar offers a fun, fresh take on the music app, helping users to find music they’ll enjoy, based on their personal playlist.

Pocket Popstar gives you a backstage pass to two fabulous hand-drawn Popstars, who review your music library, tweet to their fans, and offer music suggestions for you to check out. The app is super smart, analyzing your iTunes library to suggest the latest new music from around the world, based on what you like. You can listen to samples, save your favorites, and buy music directly online.

Right now, you can get Pocket Popstar for free. The creators will start charging for it in the near future, so visit the Apple App store to take advantage of this deal!

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