How to Find Passion in Your Business

April 27, 2015

5:00 pm

Are you passionate about your business?

You are an entrepreneur. You must have super human abilities. You are running at 100 percent effort level on every cylinder 100 percent of the time, right?

We hear left and right about passion. How important it is to have it, and that you have to be passionate about what you are doing, yadi yadi yada. Where does passion come from, and what can you do if you ain’t got enough of it?

Where does passion come from?

If you think about the things in your life that you are passionate about, what is a common thread? Success, right? In other words, it’s tough to be passionate about things you constantly fail at. Being good at something is a kind of a reward. You enjoy being good, and you start liking whatever it is that you are doing.

You might say, “Hey no one is really good at anything right off the bat”. You are correct. You don’t just wake up one day with enough coding skills to write the next killer app. Nobody is a born salesperson. Even though some people want you to believe that.

You develop passion through small wins. As you start learning new skills, you start liking it more with each new win. We need these small rewards to continue to believe in ourselves. Passion comes from small wins. Your job as an entrepreneur is to set small enough goals to keep you passionate about your business.

Don’t confuse this with aiming low. Not at all. I want you to aim as high as you can dream, but understand that it will take many small wins instead of one big jackpot. Jackpots don’t exist in business.

Do you really have to have passion in business?

You can run a business or work in a job without passion; millions do. All of those people somehow get through their days. They even get paid and sometimes promoted. They are doing it without passion. If you ask them about their business, they’ll tell “it’s a job”.

You can have a business without passion, and you might even succeed. But, it won’t be fun. You won’t be looking forward to the next day. You’ll dread the next time you have to start on a new project or talk with another client.

Passion is the best entrepreneur painkiller.

Passion gets you through tough days, and there are many in the life of an entrepreneur. Passion helps you jump out of bed when others hit the snooze button. Passion boosts your entrepreneurial energy.

How to get more passionate about your business?

Appreciate where you are in business now. Stop yourself from comparing your business with other businesses. When you see another, perhaps more successful business than your own, you might lose passion.

Focus more on the journey instead of your long term goals. All of your goals and accomplishments amount to nothing is you are miserable getting there.

If you find yourself that the journey no longer fills you with passion, it might be time to walk away from your business. It might not be the right business for you or the life of the entrepreneur might not be for you. There is nothing wrong with that. Think of it as an experiment, but never quit trying to find what you are really passionate about.


Image Credit: Mayur Gala

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