How to Find a Reliable App Development Company

November 29, 2015

6:00 pm

We like to bemoan how much time people spend glued to their smartphones and tablets nowadays. However, like it or not, it is a fact of life, and if you own a business you should look at it from business point of view. And the point is this: with the time people spend in mobileverse, having your own app will probably do more to attract customers than having a flashy signboard. But how to find a reliable company that would create it for you? Here are some tips.


Good old-fashioned advice can provide you with a valuable insight into a kind of company you want working for you, especially if you have acquaintances who can impart some first-hand information. Those with experience of hiring web developers and working with them are especially valuable. If you personally don’t have anybody to turn to, you can always go opinion-hunting to business and developers forums or ask your question directly on a question-and-answer website like Quora.

Company Directories

When in doubt, ask those who have already done the research you are only going to do. You may always check directory of companies working in the industry of your choice to see which are trustworthy enough to warrant a mention. These directories usually have their own reputation to uphold, so you may expect a reasonable amount of relevance in their information.

Application Stores

When you find a company that more or less suits you, don’t forget to take a look at how its apps are doing in the market. Users who vote with their dollars are the most reliable source of information – if an app is universally loved and seems to generate a ton of income, good. If it has a lot of low and mixed scores – it is a reason to reconsider.

Fast, Cheap, or Good?

Unfortunately, just like in most other industries, you cannot have all three at once – you should consider yourself lucky if you get two out of three. That is why it is so important to decide beforehand what combination satisfies you most, and look for a contractor based on this decision.

Contact the Company’s Other Clients

Ask for a list of their current and former clients and contact them for an opinion about the company you are going to hire. It may sound like a lot of fuss, but spending some additional time and effort on finding out the details about your potential partners is obviously more preferable than ending up with an unreliable or incompetent developer. And who knows, perhaps you will be able to establish some connections that will prove useful later on.

In today’s world, your company’s app is just as important for creating an image of your business as a website, politeness of staff and service quality. That’s why you should approach the choice of people who are going to develop one for you with utmost attention to details – but be sure, this effort is going to pay off in spades.


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