Use Celluloid When Looking to Stream a Specific Movie or Show

May 17, 2016

4:00 pm

For years, cable television was the medium of the masses. Millions of people tuned to weekly sitcoms and daily soap operas with the enthusiasm of hungry monkeys. But when streaming services like Netflix and Hulu staked their claim on the entertainment market, people swarmed to the convenient alternative to weekly viewings. But while cable viewers had TV Guide to help them find their favorite shows, streaming services remained in the dark ages when it came to finding out what you can watch and where. Until now.

Celluloid is the comprehensive streaming service guide we have all been waiting for. As a simple iOS app that can be downloaded onto an iPhone or Apple TV, it makes finding movies and TV shows easier than ever. Just input your available services, search for your desired movie or TV show, and you will have a list of service that carry them in seconds. It even connects to those services, so you can start watching your content in the click of a button.

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And that’s not even everything! As trailers have gotten more and more popular, Celluloid decided to make it easy to watch as many of them as you want. Just pick a category (genres, actors, etc.) and you’ll be treated to trailer after trailer of movies and TV shows that will make your mouth water.

Celluloid is, however, not made for perusing. While categories are available, huge lists of movies and shows are not available to aimlessly click through. But because the app is clearly designed for searching out movies and shows you are already aware of, the lack of a viewable catalog is far from a fatal flaw. In fact, it could help streaming junkies cut back on the endless hours of looking for content when there is none to be found. Plus, the service has every movie and show you could possible need, so a viewable catalog would take a considerable effort.

Now, I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing right now: How has this technology not been invented yet?! Streaming services have been a huge part of entertainment for nearly a decade. With dozens of new services being released since the inception of Netflix, it is getting more and more difficult to know who has the rights to what. But with Celluloid, there will be no wondering, no waiting, no wishing that you could actually watch the movie you’ve been day-dreaming about all day. Finally, we have control of our destiny… and it’s streaming in our living rooms.

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