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February 6, 2015

8:00 pm

It’s a running joke between my boyfriend and I that his language totally changes the second he gets on the phone with a guy friend. Suddenly they’re calling each other “bro” and “dude” and (God help me) “stud,” and I just roll my eyes.

I may not be privy to the secret culture of male bonding, but Nile Niami is, and he’s launched an iOS app called Wolfpack to help promote it. Like the failed Bromance app, it’s a tool for guys to meet guys in a totally non-awkward way.

“Whether a bro is lonely on a Saturday night, bored because his significant other left for the weekend, is looking for a fourth, or has just moved to a city and doesn’t know anyone, WOLFPACK is the perfect solution,” the company writes.

After you log in, you can browse for local events or create “packs” based on your interests – with the bros you play poker with or the jocks from your weekly basketball game. Of course, the app is all masculine grays and brows and exudes an air of sophistication and gravitas.

A film producer and real estate developer for celebrities, Niami got the idea after witnessing a friend divorce and find himself alone (since his social life had revolved around his wife’s friends and other families). More than 12 percent of men lived alone in 2012, and many don’t know where to go to find male friends. “No more going to bars alone!” Wolfpack proclaims. “Unleash your inner wolf.” Wolfpack will be coming to Android and other smartphone platforms in mid-March.

I’m not one to habitually poke fun at male friendship, but it’s hard to resist when it’s an app called Wolfpack designed for “bros.” Is it not socially acceptable for men to make friends with other men without a facade of humor and a mask of cool? Still, if it helps combat loneliness for any humans out there, I’m all for it.

Image credit:  The Hangover distributed by Warner Brothers and produced by Legendary Pictures.


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