7 Tips for Finding a Graphic Designer Who Understands Your Brand

July 15, 2017

2:30 pm

Finding the right team members is the key to a startup success. Unfortunately, recruiting is far from easy, as talented candidates at reasonable rates are almost impossible to come by. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure you have the right graphic design for your needs.

We asked seven entrepreneurs what one tip they can offer for recruiting a great graphic designer who really understands my brand? Check out their answers below:

Use Design Contests

“We’ve found that the best way to find the best designer is to run design contests on sites like 99designs with a large budget. This way you can view the work from a large variety of designers and pick the one that is most responsive, most talented and most in-tune with your brand. Relying on referrals or hiring without seeing how they design your work is flying blind.”

– Marcela De Vivo of Brilliance

Get a Referral

“An understanding of a brand takes time and dedication. You will need to train your designer to understand what you want from them. However, asking your colleagues who are in similar businesses for referrals will help you narrow down the search. Look for a portfolio that resonates with you to ensure compatibility.”

– Nicole Munoz of Start Ranking Now

Look to Your Customers

“The best employees are former customers. If you can find a customer who loves your product that is also a designer, this can be a win-win for your business. I’ve found my last two designers from my customer lists. I email all my customers and see if there is someone looking for a job, and to email us if they are. There are a few amazing potential employees that will understand your product.”

– John Rampton of Due

Hire Them to Freelance

“Give the designer a small project to take ownership over, from start to finish. You will not only get an understanding of their approach to design, but you’ll also gain insight into their work ethic, values and whether they really understand the heart and soul of your brand.”

– Shradha Agarwal of Outcome Health

See What Questions They Ask

“The only way to understand a brand is to ask questions. If they aren’t asking questions, they are just making assumptions. Who are your customers? What are their demographics? What other brands do they like? Why do they come to you? The more thoughtful their questions, and the more relevant to your niche and unique selling proposition, the better the fit.”

– Alan Carniol of Interview Success Formula

Look for Similar Work Experience

“You’ve got an idea in your head about what you want your brand to look like. Find a designer who’s done similar work, or who has designed for your industry or desired target customer. You have to judge a designer off the work they’ve already done. He or she is more likely to get the personality of your brand and express your ideas without too much coaching.”

– Andy Karuza of FenSens

Conduct a Design Audit

“Before hiring a graphic designer, consider asking the recruit to conduct a design audit of your materials. Design audits can take many forms but should include discussion around the look, feel, form and function of your product. The last section of the audit should include recommendations for how to improve your overall design, which will be an indication of what the candidate will do for your brand.”

– David Ciccarelli of Voices.com

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