But First Let Me Take a Selfie

September 23, 2014

10:30 am

From Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Selfie to the hit song “#Selfie” by the Chainsmokers, the selfie has become a part of both pop culture and everyday life. However, a few years ago that wasn’t the case – people barely knew what the word meant.

However, during that time a small group of entrepreneurs were working on a product and social platform that would allow users to communicate with people around the world through video. While their idea was strong, they hadn’t yet thought of a name for their service.

“Two years ago we had this idea and what we wanted to make. We were in a restaurant, and there were two girls taking a photograph of themselves, and I offered to take a picture for them and the girl said, ‘oh no it’s a selfie’,” says Hugh Dornbush, one of the Selfie co-founders.

The word “Selfie” resonated with the team and they later chose this as their app name.

The Selfie app launches today on iOS – but don’t expect just a static picture; be ready for any selfie to come to life.

“For us, a selfie was about putting your actual self out there, and the perfect expression, and it was the perfect name for us,” says Dornbush.

Not Your Typical Selfie

 Not only is the interface easy and fun to use, but it also offers a few other interesting features.

“When you tap the selfie it comes alive,” says TC Meggs, one of the cofounders. “Selfie is a place where an app that allows you to have face-to-face conversations, with people publicly and privately, and people all over the world.”

Here’s what you should know. Users can:

  • Touch selfies as they come alive
  • Reply to any selfie with a video selfie of your own
  • Have private or public conversations with many people or just a few
  • Zoom out and explore any direction the conversation takes
  • Slide between selfies to watch a conversation flow

Despite competition of other video apps, the Selfie team says this isn’t your average video platform.

“We saw an opportunity that wasn’t being met and we have that platform to make it happen. We think we are moving into a space that is completely unoccupied,” says Hornbush.

Ultimately, the Selfie app combines real life conversation with the immediacy of text messaging, according to a press release. On Selfie, you not only catch a glimpse of another person’s world, but you have the ability to interact with them, face-to-face, in 24 seconds.


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