Fish Indie Helps Etsy Artists Get Noticed

December 3, 2013

11:00 am

Etsy can be a maze for artists and customers alike.  On the artist’s, or shopkeeper’s side, it can be almost impossible to get their work to stand out in a flood of similar products (over two million new items per month are added to the network). There is no way for them to advertise to a specific and targeted demographic. For the most part, you either need to know their shop’s name or the artists have to pay a premium for their products to show up in search results. For a few, Etsy has become an extremely successful marketplace, but for most, it’s a frustrating platform where they are most likely to get lost in the noise.

Thankfully, a service has come along to help Etsy artists boost their marketing potential. Fish Indie is a new subscription-based ad network designed to spotlight Etsy products on popular and relevant blogs. They take the marketing outside of Etsy and to a broader audience.

Fish Indie is a Miami-based startup founded by Rony Tako, an experienced creative adept in concept and design, and Hugo Seijas, a self-taught developer.

So how does it work? Each subscription (starting from $10 a month) is good for one item in your Etsy store. You choose the item you want to highlight, insert the URL, and pick the category to which the item belongs. That’s all you have to do. Fish Indie takes care of the rest. They will choose blogs that are relevant to your product’s category, create the ad, and your ad will rotate throughout these sites. With classifieds planted on relevant blogs, it’s more likely to draw high-quality visitors who appreciate the shopkeeper’s work. It also expands the diversity of visitors.

Fish Indie demoed at Tech Cocktail-Miami in October of this year.

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