Five Apps to Check Out this Weekend: Magic Flute by Mozart, Bowling Paradise, Photocon, and More

September 27, 2015

12:00 pm

Here we go again: another weekend; another couple of days to fill with activities that will recharge batteries drained by the past five days. Here is my recipe to fill the gaps in your weekend schedule.


We take countless pictures on our smartphones. How about adding some spice to them? Photocon for Android does just that: You can take “impossible” pictures without any special tools, in just two clicks. For example, take a photo of anything, then use your finger to make a connecting curve for the photos. Now take another picture (adjust it if needed) and that’s it! Photocon is a free app available in Google Play.


Bowling Paradise 3

This game is for you if you love bowling: Choose from a variety of locations and start playing! Bowling Paradise 3 combines the best features of the previous two generations of Bowling Paradise. You can choose from nine locations, each with a unique atmosphere. Download Bowling Paradise 3 for free from the App Store or Google Play.



This side-scrolling running game, developed by 1Der Entertainment and Soul and Vibe Interactive, gives you the role of a jousting knight. You will need to jump over obstacles, attack enemies, and collect coins. Players can spend their collected coins on new pieces of armor for their knight and horse, and more. With 40 stages to go through, Sirvival will keep you entertained for some time. Download Sirvival for free from the App Store.


Magic Flute by Mozart

Since Mozart’s Magic Flute opera is one of my favorites, I was curious to see what LabLike made of it. What you’ll download is a puzzle game that stars Tamino, a young prince challenged to rescue a princess. You’ll go through a number of stages, and you’ll need to help Tamino avoid obstacles and reach the exit. It’s a fun game that costs $1.99 until October 24; the price will double afterwards. Download Magic Flute by Mozart from the App Store.


Fairy Sisters: Magical Forest Adventures

The Fairy Sisters: Magical Forest Adventures game brings the magical fairy world to your device and teaches kids about sewing craft, introduces the jam-making process (picking fruits, cleaning, mixing and boiling), helps them take care of pets, and shows the importance of cleanliness. It also helps develop children’s aesthetic awareness and cognitive skills. You can download Fairy Sisters: Magical Forest Adventures for free from the App Store.



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