Five Apps You Can’t Miss: Kingcraft, Kidzworld, Pac-Man, and More

August 21, 2015

6:00 pm

With the flood of news coming in from all directions, you may have missed some of the week’s best mobile applications. This is why, every week, I’m posting a roundup of a few of my favorite new apps and updated apps. This time, I have focused on games and a great new social media platform that offers a safe place to chat for your child.

Kingcraft – Puzzle Adventures

This is Farmville meets Candy Crush. What you get is an exciting new game, Kingcraft, a game that is not just about matching things, but also about conquering territories and producing goods! The game is also non-linear, so you can choose your own path to nobility and greatness. You’ll need to match the vegetable patches in the farmland, the fruits in the forest, and climb to the top of the mountains to collect the valuable gems and minerals. Kingcraft will certainly keep you entertained. Download Kingcraft (free) for iOS / Android

Kingcraft app


As a parent you may be worried, as I am, about the online safety of your child. Kidzworld aims to solve that, as it welcomes kids to a safe and fully moderated social network environment where they can meet new friends in the forums, chat with them, find the latest news about their favorite celebrities, play games, and more. Download Kidzworld for free from the App Store.

Kidzworld app

Nomanis Crew

If you find Super Mario-like games entertaining, you’ll get hooked on Nomanis Crew. This action-adventure game invites you to help Nomanis in his quest to cross the island to free his friends. Be careful; it’s challenging! Nomanis Crew for Android [download]

nomanis crew app

Spaceman Dodgeball

Spaceman Dodgeball is a very simple yet entertaining game that combines the best of Dodgeball and Pong. You are in space, and your goal is to avoid this crazy bounding ball. You can only move left or right, so you’d better watch out! Download Spaceman Dodgeball from the App Store [free, download link].

spaceman dodgeball app

PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Arcade Maze

The makers of Crossy Road are back in force with a fresh new game: PAC-MAN 256. The game takes the familiar classic in a totally new direction: infinite maze-running. You’ll chomp through an endless grid of dots, fruit, and multi-colored ghosts. Fortunately, upgrades will help you demolish ghosts and reach your highest score. Recommended for both casual gamers and arcade game fans. Download PAC-MAN 256 from the App Store [free, download link]

PAC-MAN 256 app


“best high score” Image Credit: Flickr/raider3_anime

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