These 3 People Have Flawless Online Presences [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 20, 2015

5:00 pm

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a company, or just an everyday person: everything you do online is in one way or another building the brand of you. You’re defining to the world who you are, and in a lot of ways that can make or break you.

Five Blocks is a company that specializes in what they would call reputation management. That is, they help you take control of your brand’s online reputation to set a good first impression. When your stakeholders search you, then, they’re getting the right picture of your brand.

Obviously a big part of what they do at Five Blocks then is research. To that end they recently conducted a study of the wealthiest One-Percenters to see what could be learned from their digital footprints.

They analyzed the 200 wealthiest Americans, per Forbes’ most recent rankings, in order to see how the rest of us might achieve our optimal digital presence. The specific methodology they used was to scour page one of Google search results for each individual.

Honestly the results are fascinating. Five Blocks’ research spans topics like Wikipedia page presences, digital karma, and social media savvy for the people listed, which was all compiled into one infographic.

At the end of the day they rank the top three people from Forbes’ list of 200 who are absolutely nailing it online. I won’t spoil it for you though – here’s what they found:


Infographic from Five Blocks:


Image Credit: Five Blocks infographic / cropped, resized


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