Five Free Apps You Definitely Need to Check Out

August 2, 2015

8:00 am

It’s been a very busy week, but I couldn’t help but be amazed by the tons of creativity that flows toward me when I open the App Store app on my iPhone. As a result, I have to admit I had a hard time picking the best apps, but I think the result is well worth your time.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds has been a smash hit ever it first appeared in the App Store in 2009. The creators have tried to supply their growing user base with new game titles ranging from Angry Birds Wars to Angry Birds Rio, but none has been able to maintain interest in the fading brand. But that’s about to change: The sequel, Angry Birds 2, promises a new era of addictive slingshot gameplay with stunning graphics and challenging levels. This time, you choose which birds you fling next, but choose wisely! Angry Birds 2 for iOS [free download]

Angry Birds2


Do you need another messaging app on your iPhone? Well, you will certainly be tempted to test this one: It’s Yahoo’s Livetext messaging app and aims to grab your attention with a novel way of messaging: You get live video chat without audio. You can type over the video feed instead, and although this might sound a bit awkward, it is fun to use. By the way, the messages are ephemeral and will be deleted as soon as you and your partner leave the chat. Live text for iOS / Android [free download]



Why clutter your iPhone with apps from multiple media outlets? There are apps that aggregate news from multiple sources, and Engage provides you with the latest news content from all pertinent media forums, including NPR News and The Drudge Report. Engage for iOS / Android / Windows Phone [free download]



This is one for every wine lover (like myself). Although the app developers are currently focusing on Australian and New Zealand wines, they promise to extend their coverage to other countries soon. Until then, Wineosphere grants you access to over 25,000 fully independent expert reviews, price comparison, and much, much more! Wineosphere for iOS [free download]



The Younity app is really handy. It creates a personal cloud of your files, digital photos, music, videos, and media libraries gathered from your Mac or PC so you can access them while on the go from your iPad or iPhone. You can stream media and share content with your friends. Of course, this involves another Younity app you need to download to your computer, and that app needs to be running for you to be able to share files between devices, but if you are looking to get access to any of your files stored on a computer from your mobile device, this app is a tool you definitely need to check out. All communication and metadata transfer between devices is done over SSL. Younity for iOS [free download]



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