Five Earth Day Friendly Apps

April 22, 2010

3:30 am

Every year Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. This year the eco-friendly holiday fell on a Thursday. Earth Week, however, has been happening all week long (April 16-22). Still high on Earth Fever? Let us help share there more Earth Day friendly applications that you might like.

Splish splash.
We all know that fish is great for Omega-3. But, is that McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish sustainable? If I buy this dolphin meat, will my kids only see dolphins as skeletons in museums due to overfishing? (Note: Dolphin Fish (Mahi-mahi) is not Dolphin.) The next time you’re you’re thinking about eating our nutritious water buddies, surf through the Seafood Guide from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program to check if your potential dish is sustainable, unsustainable, hazardous, or nutritious.

Download NowSeafood Guide

Seafood Guide for iPhone

Seafood Guide for iPhone

Shop local, buy local.
Tired of getting those bad strawberries that are rotting just after a few days? Is your corn too yellow and not sweet at all? Shop locally for fresh food with Locavore! This handy app uses either GPS or a zip code to discover food that’s in season and grown locally. Want to plan for next week’s menu? It even tells you what’s coming in season soon! Need more than future insights and want local advice? Tap “I Ate Local” to find out the buzz in your area from fellow food connoisseurs.

Download NowLocavore

Locavore for iPhone

Locavore for iPhone

Conquer the mountains of coupons.
Do you find yourself tired of clipping coupons and never using them? Are your coupons sitting around not working for you? Stop printing paper and go digital with Coupon Sherpa! Search for merchants right on your phone and save money on clothing, food, electronics, travel, and more.

Download NowCoupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons

CouponSherpa for iPhone

CouponSherpa for iPhone

What better way to celebrate the Earth than reducing the amount of garbage you produce by recycling. The iRecycle application helps you to figure out where the best places around you to recycle particular items. For example, if you have a CFL light bulb that has mercury in it, where should you recycle it? The iRecycle application should be able to help.

Download NowiRecycle


iRecycle for iPhone

Zoom zoom. Zoom?
I like zooming along as much as the next fellow, but what if I could reduce my drive time to just two zooms? Want to find the best travel route while tracking and reducing your carbon footprint? Travel and buy carbon offsets with Ecorio. Although currently not in the Android Marketplace, this app show great promise and won grand prize in the final round of the Google Android Developer Challenge.

Ecorio for Android

Ecorio for Android

While Earth Day and Earth Week are over, celebrate Earth Day everyday and help make the World a better place.

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