Five Mysteries of Apple iOS 7 Interface

October 5, 2013

10:00 am

The new Apple operating system – iOS 7 – was officially released on September 18. It has received a significant amount of innovation and new features, but some of them cause confusion among users. No, the system does not become less functional, but some of its features need explanations. iOS 7 has quite a lot of such features, but we have gathered five of them which are the most embarrassing for people.

1. Where did the player controls go? In iOS 6, users could double-click on the round button below the display to “call” virtual control buttons of the music player as in the iPod. This is no longer available in iOS 7 – controls of the player are moved to «Control Center» block, and you can even get into them from the lock screen by scrolling through screens to the left or right.

2. How do I add the SMS-message sender to my contact list ? To add the sender of SMSi in the contacts, iOS 6 users just had to bring up the context menu and select the appropriate command. In iOS 7, everything is not so obvious: After opening the messages, you need to click on «Contact», then on the button «Info» (the letter «i») and then select the desired command. It is quite difficult.

3. What are those pale blue dots next to the apps names that tend to disappear? The presence of such a point below the app icon means that this is a new program, that it has never been opened after the installation. In addition, this point appears after an app update and disappears immediately after the launch. iOS 6 has the same features, but in the form of a «New» inscription.

4. How do I close one of the working applications? In this case, iOS 7 provides a simple and easy way of getting rid of a running app, which is no longer necessary. You need to double click on a hardware button below the display and to find the desired application in the menu. It is displayed as an icon with a card on it. Users have to draw the card to the upper edge of the screen, and then the application will be unloaded from memory.

5.  How do I delete messages in the official e-mail application? Apple has an official e-mail client for its mobile OSes. It was enough to slide your finger across the screen to the right to delete an unwanted mail in iOS 6. Now, that won’t work. For some reason, Apple iOS 7 developers have made a totally opposite system: you need to slide the screen to the left to remove the email.


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