Five Ways 5G Will Make Doing Business Easier

October 24, 2015

10:00 am

The high connection speeds afforded by 4G networking have already been a boon to businesses, who can stay in touch with clients and colleagues around the world. Many businesses already use VoIP services like Skype for video conferencing and chat, along with an array of apps to stay connected on the go.

But what will happen when 5G wireless capabilities hit the business world? Although 5G networking is still a few years away, all signs point to even more convenient business transactions and streamlined processes. Here are five ways that 5G could change the way that we do business.


  1. Businesses can communicate in 3D.

While 4G allows businesses to communicate with far-flung correspondents at high speeds, 5G will take these connections to the next level with 3D video capabilities. Skype has already announced that they will be capable of providing a platform for holographic calls, and the use of holographic projection could also be used as a way for businesses to create increasingly interactive presentations. 3D imaging will be enabled due to the super-fast connection speeds of a 5G network, unlocking a variety of new uses for businesses.

  1. Customer service will be improved.

These same faster connection speeds can also improve the rate at which businesses are able to correspond with clients. 5G networking will allow smart devices to communicate with one another, improving lag time between employees so that they can better respond to any issues immediately as they arise.

  1. A higher number of devices can be supported at once.

In addition to faster connection speeds, it’s theorized that 5G will usher in a period of greater reliability. 5G networks will need to be able to support a higher volume of devices at once, in order for the full network to stay intact. This could allow small businesses to move all of their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, without having to worry about slow connections and devices crashing. During high periods of traffic, such as retail sales, businesses wouldn’t have to worry about overloaded networks.

  1. 5G opens up new advertising capabilities.

On a more exciting level, fast 5G networks could open up new marketing and advertising opportunities for businesses. Ads can be targeted more efficiently to customers according to their buying habits and regions, as cities become increasingly interconnected. Businesses could also get creative using new forms of virtual reality technology, allowing users to virtually take a car for a test drive or try on clothing. Think today’s best apps, but taken to a new, 3D experiential level.

  1. Smart devices could become an important part of the retail experience.

One aspect of 5G that many proponents talk about is how it will allow technology to be increasingly interconnected, with all of our devices able to “talk” to one another. This opens up a whole new variety of options for businesses. It’s possible that in the future we could see wearable personal shoppers that remember our interests and help us find the products and services that we are most likely to use.

At the moment, all of this is purely theoretical, but as companies like Ericsson, Huawei, and Nokia Networks make strides with 5G, businesses will be some of the first entities to reap the benefits. Right now 2020 is often cited as the year that 5G will hit the mainstream, although we’ll see glimpses of it even sooner. After that, the sky’s the limit – from 3D technology to virtual reality, it will change the way we do business.

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