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Silent Passenger – Vehicle Tracking Solutions

October 22, 2018

12:10 pm

Silent Passenger logo
  • Established: 2002

  • HQ: Commack, NY, U.S.
  • ELD Compliant
  • Supports broad range of industries
  • Live support 24/7
  • Free demos available

A smaller FMS provider with strong features and service.

The Silent Passenger vehicle tracking software hasn't been around for long: Parent company Vehicle Tracking Solutions was only founded in 2002 and remains a national organization. The company's strengths lie in its strong technical support team and the software interface's ease of use which, combined, offers painless vehicle tracking at a reasonable price.

  • Serves any size fleet: Covers small, medium, and large
  • Prices are around the industry average
  • Service coverage is largely U.S.

Silent Passenger is a fleet management and telematics software platform offered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions and used by thousands of businesses across the nation. While its core goal is to help fleet managers track their vehicles in real-time, it offers plenty of additional features typically available in fleet management software solutions, and, with the right plan, can serve as a fleet's sole management solution.

The software's core features are offered through modules. A subscriber can access their modules through a centralized dashboard, and can subscribe to Silent Passenger through three plans: Silent Passenger GO, Silent Passenger PRO, and a more stripped down, compliance-focused offering, Silent Passenger HOS. Modules not available through these base plans can be added for an additional charge, and customers can match Silent Passenger's quotes against other industry leading fleet management solutions through's quick quotes form.

This review covers the most useful Silent Passenger modules, gives a brief overview of Silent Passenger-compatible hardware units, explains what makes their support team unique, and discusses how the vehicle tracking service's pricing functions.

In this guide:

Silent Passenger: Core Features

Fleet Status

Silent Passenger's fleet status listFleet managers will be able to track their vehicles in real time via the Fleet Status feature, which lists vehicle data including title, current driver, last location, destination, speed, and engine status. Vehicles are color-coded: Green text indicates the ignition is on, while red indicates it's off.

Vehicle Maintenance

Silent Passenger's Vehicle Maintenance module allows managers to track and address common vehicle maintenance needs. Inspections, registrations, and oil changes can all be scheduled through the software. Email or text alerts are then automatically sent when a vehicle is due for its maintenance.

Driver Safety

Silent Passenger's ability to monitor drivers starts with the Driver Behavior module, which monitors details including harsh braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration in order to help managers address unsuitable behavior before getting slapped with fines or unneeded repairs.

In addition, the Driver Score Card module allows managers to ensure drivers meet set requirements, like avoiding excessive idle times or speeding.

Asset Tracking

Silent Passenger's tracking services cover commercial vehicles, but they also extend to real-time location tracking for freight, trailers, shipping containers, heavy equipment, and other assets. Once set up, this service will provide peace of mind by cutting down on the potential for asset misuse or incidents of theft.

It's worth noting that asset tracking has its own cottage industry of vendors, and companies primarily interested in this feature should consider checking out Tech.Co's asset tracking-specific comparison form.

Enhanced Route Visibility

Silent Passenger's Route Playback feature

Users can view their upcoming route(s) with a Google Maps view updated in real time. A traffic overlay allows the routing service to take traffic rush hours into account. A Google Streetview is visible on the left-hand side of the screen, helping drivers understand the physical geography of a route.

Advanced Reporting

Scheduled email reports can be sent to managers automatically in order to help them stay up-to-date on the latest vehicle data collected by Silent Passenger.

Reporting logs will also track and manage this data, which can help fleet managers make informed business decisions by pointing out the best-performing drivers or the most consistently efficient routes. A “Reports” button at the top of the software's dashboard lets managers pick which report to generate and export into Word, Excel or PDF.

Hardware Overview: Video

The Silent Passenger software runs on a variety of hardware units. Some are installed covertly, underneath a vehicle's dashboard, while others are in plain view, and still others are portable, plugging into the vehicle only to charge. In this video, Vehicle Tracking Solutions CTO Ryan Wilkinson presents a quick look at the top Silent Passenger-supported hardware options.

Find out how much you'll need to spend for fleet tracking for your business

Silent Passenger Set Up and Customer Support

All Vehicle Tracking Solutions clients are offered a dedicated Project Management Team, a rarity in FMS software providers. Team members from VTS will meet with each client to discuss their goals and priorities, working with them to create a roadmap for tasks like onboarding and consultative support.

The vendor's reporting module, FleetIQ, helps quantify key results in areas include improved efficiency, safety, productivity, cost-savings, and customer satisfaction, helping the Project Management Team better serve clients. Live 24/7 customer service is also available by phone or email.

Support & Training

Support options

Training options

  • FAQs
  • Documentation
  • Project Management Team

Silent Passenger Plans and Pricing

Although Silent Passenger does not currently list pricing or service plans on their website, Tech.Co has confirmed with Vehicle Tracking Solutions that their prices start at $19.99 and increase depending on extras including enhanced features and custom development solutions.

Silent Passenger's pricing is based on two main factors: The size of your fleet and the features you require. Feature sets include Silent Passenger GO, Silent Passenger PRO, and Silent Passenger HOS, their compliance-focused solution.

Custom integrations or enhanced modules are an additional price, and can cover Fuel Card Integrations, Customer Scheduler Applications, Driver Behavior Gamification/Score Cards, 2-Way In Cab Communications, and Toll Management Reconciliation, in addition to others.

To learn more about what price to expect for your fleet, given it's size and the features needed, you'll need to get a custom quote: Tech.Co's quick quotes form can help you find and compare FMS prices.

The Verdict

Silent Passenger doesn't have the international brand name of the FMS industry's heaviest hitters, but it offers unbeatable support options and a strong suite of features. If your fleet is U.S.-based and you prefer the ethos and support options of a smaller company, Silent Passenger is a recommended vehicle tracking service.

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