Fleksy Overhauls Their Keyboard with V 5.0 Release

December 17, 2014

2:44 pm

In their first year of operations Fleksy saw more than 3 million downloads of their third party keyboard app. They initially launched on Android, later released an iOS version, and today they announced the release of Fleksy version 5.0 as the hub for all of your input needs.

The new update introduces customizable functionality enhancements for the keyboard called Extensions. They effectively turn Fleksy into a platform with multiple fun and useful input options outside the boundaries of normal text input.

Extensions that are initially available for Fleksy include the option to use Fleksy as an Android launcher, an added number row at the top of the keyboard, an Editor for easier cursor control, a Rainbow Pop effect on typing, and new typing shortcuts. And with the release Fleksy has become the first ever keyboard on Android with animated GIF support.

“We’re unlocking the keyboard’s true potential with this update,” says Kosta Eleftheriou, Fleksy CEO and co-founder. “Keyboards are our primary input method. With Extensions we mean to revolutionize not only text input, but all input; making it faster, easier, and more fun. Why switch back and forth between apps to do things that can be done via the keyboard?”

Users can activate Extensions in the Fleksy app by assigning them to slots; all users will receive 3 free slots initially to set their Extensions. The Extensions themselves can be activated or deactivated at will, and users can opt to purchase more slots within the app.

Along with the Extensions launch comes a design overhaul of the Fleksy app. The team added in 30 premium themes including branded themes from popular films and a Chameleon theme that adapts to whatever app you’re in.

This is only the most recent in a long line of hot-ticket news announcements from the fastest smartphone keyboard in the world. To date Fleksy is used by millions of people in over 170 countries, and if the team keeps rolling out updates like this there’s a serious chance they could be the top third-party keyboard worldwide someday.



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