Fleshbot Fiction Heats Up the Internet with Electronic Erotica

May 19, 2013

10:00 am

Lux Alptraum is a woman of many talents: writer, sex educator, and CEO. Her writings have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Hustler, and at SundanceChannel.com, among many others. She has spoken at notable institutions like Harvard, Brown, Yale, New York University, Columbia, and Ohio State University, as well as SXSW.

After being featured at New York City’s Museum of Sex, Alptraum decided to go deeper into the community. Her most recent and steamy venture provides the web with the foremost blog about sexuality and adult entertainment; this is Fleshbot Fiction.

Tech Cocktail: Where did the idea behind Fleshbot Fiction come from?

Lux Alptraum: I have been reading erotica for my entire adult life, generally turning to free sites, like Literotica.com, to find stories that interest me. But I got really frustrated after a while with the inconsistent quality of free stories.

Print erotica tends to be higher quality, but it is also primarily offered in the form of an anthology. That means I have to buy a volume of stories to get the few I actually want. I grappled with this problem for years, and I decided to devise my own solution with Fleshbot Fiction.

Tech Cocktail: How would you classify Fleshbot Fiction?

Alptraum: Fleshbot Fiction is a publishing imprint. We partner with talented erotica authors to produce medium length, erotic ebooks which are in turn released through the Fleshbot website.

We are approached with manuscripts, and we provide authors everything else they might need like copyediting, packaging, distribution, and promotion.

Through my platform, readers get access to single stories from an array of genres – straight, gay, kinky, and plain – with low price and high quality guaranteed. All of our content is accessible via ereader, tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop.

Tech Cocktail: What demographic do you tend to attract?

Alptraum: By the nature of the product, we get tech-savvy individuals who are comfortable with sexuality. That implies, broadly speaking, a younger demographic. Beyond that, we are happy to take all comers – no pun intended.

Tech Cocktail: How do you see Fleshbot Fiction fitting into a larger trend?

Alptraum: Sex-related and adult-oriented projects come with a standard set of issues: promotion is difficult, the risk of censorship looms ever present, and payment processing is often a headache.

However, the Internet offers people an easy way to purchase adult content discreetly, and in turn that has made people more comfortable in the realm of erotic content in general.

Over the last decade, the Internet has helped adult content enthusiasts separate the wheat from the chaff, and now Fleshbot offers erotica enthusiasts a similar service for written smut.

Tech Cocktail: Are you an author?

Alptraum: I am a writer by trade, though at present I have not authored any of the Fleshbot Fiction titles. Keep your eyes peeled, though, because I might get around to it in the future!

Fleshbot Fiction was showcased at the Tech Cocktail New York mixer in May. 



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