Fling App Gets an Update as Its Growth Continues

March 29, 2016

7:03 pm

Fling is a young social network with big ideas for disrupting the social industry. Previously mentioned here, it allows users to “peek” into other people’s lives – total strangers from all over the world. That randomness seems to please users as, in the first 12 months of activity, Fling got 4 million users and over 50 billion messages were sent across this social network.

The company recently shared some interesting data. As it can be seen in the graph below, which shows data from Q2 2016, nearly 110 million flings are opened every single month, which is a 32 percent increase over the last two quarters. Additional data shows another interesting number: 65 percent of Fling’s users are female.


The app has recently got some cool updates, as well. The most obvious one is the new and revamped design, which gives the app a more clean and young look.

Hashtags were also added to the platform, and quickly became Fling’s most engaged-with feature since it was launched. Now, more than a quarter of flings sent out have a hashtag in their captions, which makes navigating and finding new content much easier. To take advantage of that new feature, Fling now has a “Trending” hashtags page, showing users the top viral trends each day.

Marco Nardone, CEO and founder of Fling, commented on these new updates:

“We realized that, in order to build the world’s next big network for meeting new people (as opposed to doing things with your friends), we had to bridge users via context. A social graph for strangers is best done by creating an interests graph.

The Trending page will soon include various interests categories to help you meet like-minded individuals around the world. As well as your typical interests (e.g. fashion, food etc), we have defined new social verticals, such as video Q&A (#AskMeAnything), Hashtag chains like #confessions, and fun challenges like #SingAnySong. It is such a fun way to connect with new people who all participate in the same trend.

We took the traditional use of the Hashtag and used it to link together people’s everyday moments and snaps from around the world. Finally, as all media is captured live on Fling, these moments are all live and in real-time.”


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