Flixel Scores Tyra Banks As Investor for New Living Photos

August 9, 2013

4:13 pm

On August 8, Flixel Photos Inc. announced that supermodel Tyra Banks has  invested in their company via Fierce Capital. As a direct result, Episode 2 of America’s Next Top Model, airing tonight, will debut Flixel and the new capabilities they bring to still photography for the first time.

This will be the first in a long line of Flixel appearances on the show, which are said to number around 100 this season alone. Every judging session on the show will include Flixel’s “living photos,” and the “Tyra Mail” segment will incorporate fan-made Flixels as well.

Flixel offers high definition, high-quality photos that are layered with subtle and seamless motion. Compared to the animated GIF image, the functionality is similar, but the Flixel is a bit easier to make.

“I introduced my team to Flixel in the middle of a meeting and it completely derailed the agenda because my team just had to see more,” says Banks. “Beyond the fans, I know avid app users, photo enthusiasts, and professional photogs will have the same reaction.”

Photographers, videographers, and graphic professionals will be able to take an otherwise still shot and embed motion into it. For example, a model’s hair could be blowing in the wind while her body remains static, or a dress could be flowing around her.


Without a doubt, Flixel adds a new dimension to photography both literally and figuratively, but it also adds a new dimension to the ever-changing fashion industry. Fashion is at the forefront of a lot of innovation, and Flixel will be a great new venue for edgy and hip fashionistas to tap into the tech world.


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